Jessie Lehson

Watershed is important to me because I believe in the importance of strong public education, not just for my children, but for all children and for the greater good. In my teaching career I have primarily worked with older children, mainly college freshman, so I have a slightly different perspective than many involved in K-12 education. I have seen students pass out in my class because they forgot to eat that day. We interrupt class time to teach basic life skills. Students fall into hysterics when faced with problems that don’t have “an answer.” Tests can be an effective tool for teachers, but they cannot serve as a replacement for good teaching and real learning. Hands-on/ cross curricular/ project based learning, arts integration, and time spent outdoors engaging with the environment and the community are not particularly controversial goals and are supported by countless studies. What is hard, is to meaningfully incorporate them into instruction and to give teachers the support they need to do so. This is where a charter school has an advantage, they don’t have to try and implement changes across an entire district- which is incredibly difficult, but can instead focus on one school and then share their process and resources. This is why I have chosen to move from supporting this type of education at the district level to the school level.