Andrea Hoppe

My involvement with Watershed began when my oldest child was getting ready to leave behind her nature based preschool and enter elementary school. I am a strong supporter of the public school system but I found myself worried that the lack of outdoor time, and the distance between the classroom and our environment, would squash my child’s love for learning. I started researching schools and curriculums and discussing my findings with educators and parents. While the research strongly supports nature based, cross-curricular education most teachers and administrators felt that our current county based system didn’t have space for changes of this magnitude. My research also revealed that a charter school would allow our children to have access to this type of education while maintaining accountability and free, equal access for all families in the county. I loved the idea of creating a symbiotic relationship between a nature based charter school and the traditional public schools. I feel that we have an outstanding opportunity to prove that this type of education can support a love for learning while achieving academic success at the highest level. I strongly believe that the success we will show through this charter will encourage the public school system to adopt changes county-wide. In my book the greatest measurement of success would be a school where children achieve their goals and truly enjoy doing it. I’ve been devoting my time and energy to this project for more than two years because I believe that this is possible at Watershed Public Charter School.