Founding Team

Casey McDonough,

My reason for being a founding member of Watershed is simple; I have 2 children, a 5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old son and I want the very best for them

Katy Chib, Secretary

I’ve spent the majority of my career building up special education programs in charter schools and have become passionate about the specialized education 

Chuck Nabhan,

As a BCPS parent and supporter of environmental causes, I believe WPCS can enrich the lives of its students and further their appreciation of the outdoors. My role in the organization is to assist with  

Arnold Joo,
Board Member

I’ve been interested in the getting involved in creating and operating a public school for some time. My past experience working as an analyst and project manager for Baltimore City Schools  

Becky Oyewamide, Board Member

As the mother of two, ages six and three, I want to provide my kids with the best foundation possible. I strongly believe that time outdoors, independent exploration, and meaningful hands on learning are critical for creating well-rounded and creative people  

Daris Jaye, Board Member

Becoming parents first of King Kobe enlightened us about soooo many things we had no idea about. Our lives, perspectives, values and behaviors changed forever. Kobe has taught us that life is about being  

Melinda Hicks,
Board Member

After learning the vision and mission statement of Watershed Public Charter School, I wanted to be a part of the development of this innovative learning experience. Incorporating experimental curriculum  

Andrea Hoppe, Board Member

My involvement with Watershed began when my oldest child was getting ready to leave behind her nature based preschool and enter elementary school. I am a strong supporter of the public school  

Alissa Parker, Board Member

I firmly believe that children learn better when exploring and immersing themselves in nature. Our world continues to move toward technology and away from the outside world and I love that Watershed Public Charter School will embrace both  

Nina Weiland, Board Member

My daughter (6) and son (4) attended a nature preschool and I started to think what we will we do for Kindergarten. No options existed that married learning with outdoors  

Kimberly Ransom, Board Member

I support Watershed Public Charter School because I value an important shift in education. I value learning through hands-on experiences, in smaller groups, and in nature

Jessie Lehson,
Founder and Ex Officio Board Member

Watershed is important to me because I believe in the importance of strong public education, not just for my children, but for all children and for the greater good